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Longer “look at me” lashes
Eyelash Extensions

Lash Extensions in New Bedford, MA

Dealing with eyelash glue and false lashes can turn even the most exciting date night or girl’s night out into a stressful ordeal. Time is precious, and struggling to apply false lashes in a rush is the last thing you need. But fear not! At Spa Larimar, we offer the perfect solution for this cumbersome task: eyelash extensions.

Say goodbye to the frustration of sticky glue and awkward application. Designed to add length and volume to your natural lashes, eyelash extensions allow you the luxury to simply get up and go about your day (without the hassle of mascara). With our expertly applied eyelash extensions, you can achieve glamorous, fluttery lashes effortlessly. Schedule an appointment with us today to receive the dramatic or subtle results you desire.

Achieve Your Ultimate Eye Envy

No one should feel insecure about their eyes because they lack lash length. At Spa Larimar, we’re dedicated to providing you with comprehensive lash extensions that bring you numerous benefits.

Increased Lash Growth

Eyelash extensions protect your natural lashes, encouraging your lashes to grow healthier and faster.

Save Money on Makeup

Since you no longer have to worry about applying mascara, you can save money on beauty products monthly.

Customizable Application

You can choose how dramatic or subtle your eyelashes look with various lash extension options.

Long-Lasting Solution

Lash extensions have remarkable longevity, lasting anywhere from four to six weeks based on your lash growth.

How it works

Lash Naps Are the New Beauty Sleep

Close your eyes and relax for the next hour as you enter a world of effortless beauty with lash extensions at Spa Larimar. This intricate lash treatment involves a steady hand and specialized tweezers to achieve a voluminous eye-enhancing result. Our estheticians will apply a glue adhesive to your individual lashes to ensure proper application and immediately begin applying one extension at a time.

Generally speaking, we’ll place one extension on each natural lash, but this can vary depending on the amount of volume you wish to achieve. For a bolder appearance, multiple extensions may be applied per lash.

Commonly Asked Lash Extension Questions

Your questions are important to us. The Spa Larimar estheticians are here to provide you with the answers you’ve been searching for.

Depending on the set you choose—classic, hybrid, or volume—your lash extension appointment can take anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes. If you’re scheduling a lash extension fill (maintenance appointment), we ask you to plan for at least an hour-long appointment in order for our estheticians to remove grown-out lashes, clean them up, and apply new extensions.

Eyelash extensions come with a set of aftercare instructions that must be followed in order to maintain your results. First and foremost, you should avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24-48 hours, including showering, swimming, makeup remover, and crying (yes, we’re serious). Additionally, you’ll need to:

  • Avoid oil-based products
  • Stop using an eyelash curler
  • Brush your lash extensions straight, but not when they’re wet
  • Avoid picking at or rubbing your lashes

Our natural lashes last anywhere from four to six weeks before falling out, making room for new growth. Similarly, lash extensions will last as long as your natural lash cycle. This means a lash extension appointment should be made every three to four weeks in order to avoid any missing sections.

A love affair for your lashes
Schedule a Lash Extension Appointment Today!

You no longer need mascara, so throw that clumpy inconvenience in the trash. Book a lash extension appointment with the professionals at Spa Larimar instead.

Explore Our Lash Extension Options

All prices are subject to change.

Classic Lash Extensions

Full Set...starting at $155
One Week Fill ...starting at $40
Two Week Fill...starting at $51
Three Week Fill...starting at $65

Hybrid Lashes

Full Set...starting at $250
One Week Fill ...starting at $73
Two Week Fill ...starting at $88
Three Week Fill...starting at $103

Volume Lashes

Full Set...starting at $280
One Week Fill...starting at $83
Two Week Fill...starting at $98
Three Week Fill...starting at $113

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