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If you’ve ever rubbed your hand across your face or caught a glimpse of yourself in the right light, you’ve likely noticed those fine, seemingly invisible hairs that dot the surface of your skin. These hairs, known as vellus hairs or “peach fuzz,” are barely noticeable but can create a subtle texture that impacts your complexion. Thankfully, the professionals at Spa Larimar have a solution: dermaplaning.

This non-invasive facial treatment gently removes the unwanted peach fuzz from your complexion while eliminating dead skin cells, debris, and more. Make room for new cell growth and smoother skin by scheduling a dermaplaning treatment with us today.

Embracing the Benefits of Dermaplaning

It’s time to start giving zero fuzz and reveal a radiant glow with the endless benefits dermaplaning provides at Spa Larimar.

Zero Recovery Time

Directly after your dermaplaning treatment, you can return to your daily activities.

Immediate Results

Unveil a smoother, healthier complexion immediately after your dermaplaning session.

Promotion of Collagen Production

By removing dead skin cells, new cells can grow in their place, increasing collagen production.

Easier Makeup Application

With a smooth surface, makeup such as foundation and concealer are quicker to apply.

How it works

What to Expect From Your Dermaplaning Session

Before we begin your dermaplaning treatment, our estheticians will perform a skin analysis to ensure your complexion is suitable to undergo this non-invasive session. Those who suffer from severe acne may not be eligible, as the blade can irritate the breakout even more. During your dermaplaning treatment, we’ll use a special tool with an extremely fine blade to gently shave away dead skin, hair, dirt, and other impurities.

Once completed, we’ll apply a hydrating serum to lock in moisture and leave your complexion smoother and more radiant.

Commonly Asked Dermaplaning Questions

Your questions are important to us. The Spa Larimar estheticians are here to provide you with the answers you’ve been searching for.

Since our skin cells have a turnover rate of 28 days or so, dermaplaning results typically last about three to four weeks. As more dead cells accumulate and peach fuzz grows back, it’s best to schedule your dermaplaning appointments about four weeks apart. Our estheticians will recommend an ideal appointment timeframe for your specific needs.

This question is one we see often, and we’re happy to report that this is a myth. Just like shaving your legs or armpits does not result in thicker hair growing back in its place, dermaplaning works the same way. The hair will grow back over time, but there won’t be a change in texture, color, rate of hair growth, or thickness.

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend adding a dermaplaning treatment to one of our various luxurious spa services, including facials, chemical peels, microneedling, and more. The combination of a dermaplaning session and one of our med spa treatments maximizes your results and leaves the skin refreshed.

Smooth sailing
Schedule a Dermaplaning Treatment Today!

Give your skin the TLC it needs with help from our estheticians at Spa Larimar. Book a dermaplaning appointment and reap the never-ending benefits of smooth skin.

Explore Our Dermaplaning Options

All prices are subject to change.

Standard Dermaplaning ...starting at $49

Enjoy this treatment as a stand-alone service, or add it to any facial offering.

Dermaplaning Plus...starting at $95

Enjoy all the benefits of dermaplaning “plus,” a super hydrating and nourishing mask. We’ll complete this treatment with a facial massage and cooling globes to leave your skin smooth and radiant.

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